It started out a stormy night

She never could put up a fight

Her tears would hit the bathroom floor

He smashed her head against the door

The cops were called, no one cared

She’d run as often as she dared

He’d drag her back and lock her in

Never hit hard enough to break the skin

The girl put up a fence  around her soul

No one could get close enough to melt the cold

A baby girl of only five

Already wanting to end her life

Her best friend came close to breaching the wall

She didn’t come back to school in the fall

The cops found her body during break

It was more than the little girl could possibly take

He made her life a life a living hell

She knew better than to ever tell

He’d sneak into her room late at night

She’d keep the bruises well out of sight

The teachers never said a word

The little girl got used to not being heard

And just like that– their terrible choice

The little girl lost her voice.


—-The light will lead us on


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